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  1. Only guest who are previously registered in the administration and wear their bracelet (bracelet lost generates a fine of $ 100 pesos per replacement) may be lodged at the hostel.
  2. The hostel is not responsible for money, jewelry, securities or other goods that the guests does not deposit in their lockers provided.
  3. The daily rent per bed / room will be charged from 3:00 pm and must be paid daily. If the guest does not vacate the room before 12:00 hours on the day of departure, another day rent will be charged.
  4. Guest guarantee their bill with their luggage or with credit card and can not remove them from their room unless notice to the administration unless they pay the total stay.
  5. No shows, cancellations and early departures generate a penalty of 100% of the stay
  6. It is not allowed to make room changes or stay overnight in another room outside their own without the prior consent of the establishment's management.
  7. It is forbidden to use more beds than they have paid, whether to sleep, lie down or support things, otherwise, they will have to pay the amount of it.
  10. A deposit of $ 50 Pesos per towel loan is required, which will be reimbursed upon check-out upon delivery of the same.
  11. A deposit of $ 30 Pesos is required for a locker loan, which will be refunded at the time of check out upon delivery.
  12. It is forbidden to wear personal clothing, you must use only the one provided by the hostel.
  13. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult to stay at the property
  14. No personal checks are accepted. if guest pays withwith foreign currency, is used the exchange rate announced the day at the hostel.
  15. Guest with no luggage should pay their room in advance
  16. It is forbidden to wash clothes in the room
  17. Do not use any electrical articles in the room
  18. In case of death the autority will be notified
  19. The hostel will rescind the rooming contract and will reques the vacancy of the room under the following cases:
  • By volating the rules
  • When the guest is scandalized, he commits a lack of morals or causes inconvenience to the hotel's clientele.
  • If it causes material damage to the establishment without prejudice to the payment of the corresponding compensation
  • If the guest committed some crime
  • If a guest is absent from the hostel for more than 48 hours, without previous advise to the administration
  • If guest has any contagious sickness

The hotel has taken appropiate safety measures and has a libilitu insurance as provided under the NOM 07-TUR-2002